Best Redman Songs of All Time List!

Best Redman Songs of All Time List! #25-21 #25. Blow Your Mind – “AHHHH!! Look out, it’s the Funkadelic Funk for chumps. Who don’t be knowin’ my name, I tear the frame out ya punks. I make ya slide, make ya slip, make ya wanna backflip. I get biz with the skit, I DJ like Quik.… Continue reading Best Redman Songs of All Time List!

XXXTENTACION “17” Album Review

#01. The Explanation- N/A – The audio for this track is super low, so I have clue what X said at the beginning here… I’ll say this though, going into this project I’m very unfamiliar with XXXTENTACION’s music… I’m mainly familiar with the “antics” he pulls more so than the actual music he makes, so… Continue reading XXXTENTACION “17” Album Review

Meek Mill “Wins & Losses” Album Review

1. Wins & Losses – 7/10 – Meek Mill has certain “formula” in which he starts all of his albums off with. The formula pretty much consists of “yelling” followed massive amounts of “energy” being expended trying to quite the “haters”… This formula worked out really well with Meek’s debut album “Dreams and Nightmares”, but… Continue reading Meek Mill “Wins & Losses” Album Review

Jay-Z 4:44 Album Review…

Kill Jay-Z – 8/10 – Ill start off by saying that I think there is a lot of symbolism throughout this entire album, but no more so than on this track in particular. Most people will focus on the “Kanye diss” on this song instead of narrowing in on the bigger picture. I truly believe… Continue reading Jay-Z 4:44 Album Review…